The very recent story of our holiday house in Bassigney started in the beginning of 2021 when we found this charming house in the peaceful village of Bassigney. Needless to say: we immediately fell in love with it. So we decided to buy it and to make it into a lovely holiday house where people can come to rest, recharge and discover the region. 

We are starting our first season in July 2021, so the house is not at all in its final shape yet. Our goal is to transform this house into a place where every detail has a story. We are using our creative skills to build new furnitures and  to give a second life to objects by renovating them. 




Your hosts, Eliza and Michael, are a couple with mixed origins,  who would like to share a piece of their world with their guests. Eliza is a textile designer and plant-freak (she'll try to make anything grow) and responsible for decoration and harmony.

Michael doesn't like to be categorized, he is so versatile in what he is doing, we haven't yet found the word to describe him. :) Most of the wooden objects you'll see in the house were created by him.

We live a non-obsessive, healthy, balanced life, with as much respect for nature and society as the modern world allows.

Both of us are open and worldly, so feel free to be yourself in our presence.